Hello! My name is Sandra, and I’m a Spiritual Advisor and Reiki Master. 
I have an array of services which include Reiki, Home and Business Inspections and Cleanses, Readings, Custom Reiki Videos, Custom Healing Symbols and Reiki Sprays. I also offer my services to private parties and events. There's a link for each service on my main page. 
I am available to and willing to treat and teach anyone who seeks my help and is willing to take the steps to heal themselves and connect with the world in a positive, loving way. I myself am one of the wounded healers. Because I have had my own pain, shame, grief... faced my own dark places... I can hold a mirror of love and light without judgment or personal pain. I can stand as a light in the darkness and confusion and have a great willingness to serve in this way.
Feel free to reach out with any questions. 

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I’ve never had much of an understanding of energy or spirituality. I was a complete skeptic of most things outside of what was visible to the naked eye, but after many sessions with Sandra I undeniably experience a metaphysical change within myself. Every session has greatly varied from the others and is consistent with where I am and what I need at that point in life.
The very first time I had a glimpse of Reiki, I had been experiencing intense irritability, angst, and frustration regarding present circumstances. Sandra said she would work on my mind “just for a few minutes.” I sat there close-minded on a bench and closed my eyes only to find that within a few minutes every bit of stress that consumed me before seemed miles away and had been replaced with a sense of peace.
She finely tunes herself as an instrument to serve you in whatever you need at that moment. You yourself may not be conscious of what that is, but the initial draw of coming to her is enough to get you started. In the past I’ve had sessions where it as if I am detoxing burdens from the past in order to process them and make room for acceptance to enhance my view and perspective of the present.
More recently as I have come to learn to let go of old behaviors and representations of myself, I have received more of a shift in mental energy with her, which provides me with a balance, clarity, and enlightenment of possibilities. I leave feeling a sense of awe in the world again and as if I am reconnecting with the childlike version of myself- what could be resembled as spiritual or a soul.
The point is not to intellectualize or judge, so as not to miss out on the experience, which was a personal problem for me in the ability to enjoy life. Sandra has a real gift of sensing the internal depth of a person. She has confirmed my doubts, fear, insecurities, ambitions, dreams, and goals. She knows the dead ends in my story and what can tempt me in my future so as to stay away. I trust her and am grateful for this new perception of the magic in life I had not known or believed in.

Anxiety has been part of my life for years. There are days where it can be debilitating to days where it simply does not exist. But there was a recent moment where my anxiety triggered and left me completely drained for a couple of days. My hour reiki session, complete with a tarot card reading prior, with Sandra was exactly what my soul craved as I was in the process of healing and in need of a release. 
Sandra is a natural. Her energy work is a work of art. 
The dialogue between the spirit guides and her energy are present and the feedback extremely accurate.  And not to mention her healing hands and beautiful, intuitive soul.  She is a gifted and a trustworthy healer whose work I can vouch for.

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