clearing out stagnant and negative energy in a home environment or business space.
Cleansing your home and business space on a regular basis is an important factor in maintaining a strong healthy energetic field and peaceful environment. The space in general accumulates energetic disturbances and blockages just like the human body.
A Space Cleanse consists of 2 parts. First step would be an inspection and I will summarize what exactly is going on and what's causing it. The second step would be to clear out the space knowing the exact cause and intention. Feng Shui tips on the space and other spiritual remedies will be included for ongoing advancement of the space.

Inspection – $200
Cleansing – $300

Please note: An inspection would have to be made before any attempts to cleansing the space. 
All cleanses will be done remotely. This process is stronger and there will be no interference while cleansing the business or home.  
Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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